Sunday, October 04, 2009

rainbow fabric

Today's pictures show 2 one yard pieces I dyed last week during one of Carol's classes. For both pieces I used the same 3 pure primaries. Don't ask me which ones, because I don't have my notes with me. The dyes were mixed so that in total I had 12 cups of dye mixture. For the first picture I fanfolded the fabric lenghtwise, placed it into a 9"x13" plastic container - about 1/3 of the fabric fitted in - and started pouring the dye over it starting with yellow. In total 4 different cups. The next step was to fold part of the fabric which was still outside the cup over the other layer. First layer was done from the left to the right, the second from the right to the left. Again dye out of 4 cups was used. You can guess what the next step was I presume :-). The last remaining fabric was put into the container the same way and the remaining 4 dye cups were used. I did not scrunch the fabric, but only covered it with plastic and let it batch till the next day. Don't you love the result.
The 2nd piece of fabric was fanfolded lengthwise and placed onto a long piece of plastic. Dye was poured over it in the same sequence as above. Next step was to wrap it into plastic and leave it to batch till the next day. At the moment I have no clue for which project I will be using these fabrics, but I don't think I'll cut them up. They probably turn out into whole cloth quilts.

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hannie said...

Een wondermooi resultaat Wil!