Monday, February 08, 2010

color palette

Three pictures of quilt tops which appears to be completely different, but they have something in common. This excercise started with a painting by Ton Schulten Chapelfield as inspiration source. I picked a number of my handdyed fabrics and created this top:

It is not yet stitched. The pieces of fabric are glued onto a background. Size is 10"x10" (25x25 cm). Next step was to use the same color palette and create a different design using different proportions and a different composition. Well certainly this flower is different. I used more blue and green in it and less red/pink/purple colors.

Size of this is 8"x10" (20x25 cm). This might turn into my journal quilt for this month.
As I said earlier on, I made three quilttops the last couple of days. For the third one, I again used the same color palette, but added some other green and red/orange colors. And again a different composition:

At the moment this quilttop is glued and fused. Stitching and quilting will follow later. Size of this one is 20"x20" (50x50 cm). Isn't it amazing how different the same fabrics can look, depending on the quantity and how you place them. After three different compositions I stopped using this color palette, but no doubt many more compositions can be made from this.


Hannie said...

Als ik het goed heb begrepen, gebruik je meer of minder stoffen van 'n kleur, voor een werkstuk? Je ziet heel duidelijk het verschil van toevoegen of weglaten bij je werstukken. Wat natuurlijk de bedoeling is! Mooie composities heb je er van gemaakt.De onderste is een ware explosie van kleur!
Als ze zijn opgestikt en gequilt zijn het drie totaal verschillende maar prachtige werkjes!

mia de vos said...

Wat een verschil onderling, ziet er levendig uit.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wil,
So sorry I haven't been to your blog in such a long time. I currently moved to a different state and have been really busy unpacking 400 +boxes. Still lots more to unpack. I love your 3 different quilts made from the same fabrics. My favorite is the dancing women. But they are all gorgeous!


Margeeth said...

Wat een leuk project, ook weer eentje om te onthouden en zelf eens uit te proberen.

Kelly said...

WOW!! That looks like tons of fun! It's exciting to find a new way of looking at color and proportion! I think I'll try this!!

Lynn said...

Love these dancing ladies. So well done.