Friday, February 19, 2010

snow and ice

Two different techniques, but they are related. For the piece on the left side I used snow on top of soda soaked fabric (not frozen), the piece on the right was soda soaked and frozen before I poured on the dye. As you can see when the fabric is frozen, you get a much more crystalline pattern.

Here are two other pieces of fabric on which I used the same techniques.
It is also possible to put snow on top of frozen soda soaked fabric. I cannot say how the result is when you do it like that, as I have not tried that. Here the snow is now gone, so hopefully I will not have the chance to try this one out before December :-)


maggi said...

I really liked seeing the difference between the frozen and unfrozen pieces.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Nice results Wil. I find I'm getting results that I like with the frozen fabric.

esquiltingpassion said...

Until I started blogging, which is recently, I didn't know anything about snow art. I really like to try it.

Margeeth said...

There is something else you could try, using fabric that has dried after soaking it in soda. I saw pictures of fabric dyed like that and they looked quite interesting.