Thursday, April 08, 2010

Identity check

The present theme of the Dutch challenge quilt group De Uitdaging is contrast. A great opportunity for me to work with my favorite black/white fabric. Finding a subject was not that difficult, for rather quite some time I wanted to do something with fingerprints. I applied some ink on to my fingertips and pressed them on paper. This was challenging to get a clear print. Afterwards I remember that using ink pads would have been a much better idea. Anyway out of a whole sheet of ink spots there was one suitable pint I could use:
I enlarged this print to the size I needed. For this challenge the size is 20"x20"(50x50 cm) using Rapid Resizer, resulting in this linedrawing:

This I copied onto transparant paper, pinned it on black fabric and quilted all the lines using black thread. I removed the paper and using pearl white Lumiere paint and a small brush I painted all the lines. When I uploaded this picture I realised that I should have ironed the quilt before I took the picture.
Security measures are getting more and more strict. That is the reason that I called this quilt: Identity check. Due date for this challenge is May 1, but I had miscalculated and thought that it was April 1. Okay, better early than late :-)


The Idaho Beauty said...

What a clever idea. Your process really produced a great result.

Kelly said...

Wil! This one is AWESOME!! I love how you got the fingerprint look. Great!