Friday, April 30, 2010

journal quilt

This month's journal quilt did not turn out exactly as I hoped it would. I used embossed pink felt and some red felt with shimmers in it. Handembroidery connects the 2 layers. Next step was to add metal 'springs' to it, but the craft wire I had was too thin to get the effect I wanted. I have to get me some thicker one so that I can finish this journal quilt later. But today is the last day of April so I had to leave it like it is now. Size is 7"x10". Title is 'Connections'.


Lynn said...

Well I definitely like the shape of's off kelter look.

hannie said...

Ook al is het zo niet helemaal je bedoeling,(als ik het goed heb gelezen) Toch een interessant werkje geworden. Leuk met dat metaaldraad!