Sunday, July 18, 2010

and more canal houses

Here are the remaining 6 canal houses. Everything is fused to the stabiliser and ready to be stitched. I will do this as little as possible so that the recipient of the houses can quilt them without running into problems. With a previous swap some of the tops were completely quilted which made it very difficult for me to add more stitching lines.

After working on these houses and searching for fabric I wanted to use, you can imagine how my studio now looks like. No, I am not showing you a picture of it :-), but it definately needs cleaning up.


Hannie de Beer said...

Een prachtige collectie grachtenpanden Wil! Is het nu de bedoeling,dat je andere huizen terugkrijgt,en alles samen verwerkt?

Ruth Anne Olson said...

I like these canal houses very much.

christina said...

Wat een schitterende huisjes. Maar vooral de kleurencombinaties spreken me erg aan.

Diane said...

Wonderful houses!

I also wanted to let you know that the Artful Quilters Blog Ring has moved. We’d love to have your blog move to the new ring! You can read about the details here:

Kelly said...

Sooooo beautiful!!! And inspiring. I'm just finishing up a few art commitments and then I'll be pulling all mine together.