Sunday, July 08, 2012

ice cube parfait dyeing

The cable to connect my camera to the computer is still missing, but luckily we discovered that the printer accepts the memory card so at least I am able to upload pictures. Shamefully I have to admit that this is the first dyeing I have done in months. It is a variation of parfait dyeing. In this case I used 3 fat quarters, dye powder in different yellow, green and blue and ice cubes. As with every parfait the first piece of fabric was crunched into the glass vase. Dye powder was sprinkled over it and some ice cubes were placed on top. This whole process was repeated with the 2 other pieces of fabric. I have to add that all fabric was presoaked in soda ash. This is how it looked at that stage:
 After a couple of hours the ice cubes had melted - temperature here is around 100 degrees F - it looked like this:
 And this is how the pieces of fabric looked after the ironing:

I love the effects I got. Parfait with ice cubes  and dye powder give a different effect than using dye concentrate. No doubt I will be using this technique more often in the future.


Lorraine said...

Very nice! I love the effect!

Marloes said...

Prachtig resultaat!

mia said...

Als er geen sneeuw is dan maar op deze wijze moet je gedacht hebben, ziet er heel inspirerend uit, gr.mia

nadia said...

Dat geeft werkelijk een heel mooi effect, en veel gemakkelijker dan verven met aangemaakte verf, een "onthoudertje" voor mij, bedankt!

Trees Wolffers said...

Geweldig,ik ga het meteen proberen. Bedankt