Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sky continued

 After painting the roses I placed little foamy letters on the fabric and used charcoal paintsticks to outline the text of Those were the days. This had to cure for 2 days:
When all this was done, it was time to add a backing and batting to it. I used a - at least for me - new method of doing this. I pinned 2 layers of fabric together - front sides facing each other -, stitched this at exactly the size of 12"x12", leaving just a small opening for turning it around. Added the batting and turned the quilt. Stitched a straight line at 1/4" of the edge and the quilt was ready to be quilted.
Quilting is minimal on this piece. I just outlined the shapes of the roses and all the letters with a single straight stitch. This gave me several hundreds of thread ends to get rid off, but I did not want to see connecting stitches. After this was done, it was time for the final part: adding the wineglass. For this I used a small piece of rust dyed fabric. The marking on the fabric was just perfect for the white wine. Stitched this on top of a piece of organza. Placed the other part of the organza on top of it and stitched the glass on to the quilt. Using a candle flame I burned the edges of the fabric to stop/prevent fraying. And this is the final result:

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