Wednesday, September 26, 2012

working in series

I am taking several on line classes at the moment - yeah overlapping in time - about working in series and when something like this happens, the subject pops up everywhere. Even in Pam's class - which is actually not on working in series, a series developed :-) Here are some starting points for tree quilts.

At the moment they are only pinned or glued, so maybe I will make some changes to them. And no doubt more will follow :-). All tops are 12"x12".


McIrish Annie said...

I like all of them .That is a great size to work in for a series. you can always branch off and do something bigger if the spirit hits you.

Margaret said...

Love 'em! The spirally ones look as though they might be dancing in circles. So...which one goes in the SAQA benefit auction next year, eh? ;-)