Friday, October 12, 2012


Making Compositions is becoming a serious addiction LOL. Here are my latest ones:

For the yellow/green one I crunched a commercial batik when it was wet. Placed it like that on my ironing board and pressed it with the hot iron. Normally you iron to get the wrinkles out of fabric, this time I wanted them. When the fabric was dry, I ironed bondaweb under it, cut into the shapes I wanted. Cut out these shapes and fused them to the quilted background. Last step was to stitch them to the quilt. I am happy with how the final result is.
With the blue one I am not happy. This one was supposed to focus on texture as well. I zapped a piece of blue lutrador, cut out the shapes and quilted this onto the light blue background. Because of the zapping the shapes of the circles and lines is not well defined so I added stitchlines to put more emphasis on the shapes. Still not looking good. The zapped effect gives a bit of a textured effect, but the quilt is as flat as a pancake. But I have an idea which can change it. Stay tuned for the next blog post. Hopefully I can create the textured effect I am thinking of :-)/

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meta said...

I like the blue one, though!