Saturday, October 20, 2012


Sometimes when you are not satisfied with what you have created, it can be worth to pick it up and rework it. Originally this was a journal quilt using felt and metal. The background was black fabric, but the total composition was not really to my liking. But what exactly was wrong, was difficult to pin point. So I decided to do something drastic :-). I removed the background and painted a canvas with a pink metallic. The flash of the picture does not really give a good color idea, but the color of the left bottom is the most accurate. On this canvas I stitched the woven top. And I have to say it looks much better now. In the picture you cannot see much difference between the felt and the canvas - especially at the top -, but the color contrast is more like it is in the lower area of the canvas. Now at least I can hang this instead of hiding it in a pile :-). If you are interested in it, it is available for sale through Galleriba - see right bar.

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