Thursday, October 04, 2012


Making these compositions is addictive :-). Here are my two latest additions:

Both of them are different than the black/white ones I showed earlier. Not only are they in color, but I changed the size of the big circle and some of the shapes are now overlapping. In stead of commercial fabrics this time I used hand dyed/painted only. The background of the top one is a confetti / ice cubed dyed piece of which I was not really happy with, but in combination with the very dark red fabric it comes out well. I do not remember anymore how the fabrics for the second one were made as I picked these out of my stash. Again size of these quilts is 12"x12".


Ineke said...

Hier kun je nog veel verschillende van maken.

Margaret said...

Lovin' the colour versions too, Wil. The red one is rather...planetary (as in Mars, 'the red planet'). :-)

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

These are both just fantastic compositions, you inspire me.