Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Summer 2011 I started working on 4 big quilt tops. All are around 40"x40". Two of them are completed: Swallows of San Juan and Snowy Owl. And this week I started working on number 3. The background I dyed dark. Don't remember anymore which colors I used for this. On this background I screen printed white feathers. Now it was time to make the sandwich and start the quilting. After some googling I came up with this bird design which I copied into different sizes on Golden Paper. The pieces of paper were pinned on the sandwich like this:
Stitchting black on black is not something you want to do for a long time. So every day it is time for some birdies. Here are the pictures after the stitching, taken from the back:
 And taken from the front:

Yes, I still have to remove the thread ends :-). To be continued.


norma said...

This is intriguing! Are those fabulous feathers painted on or was it a purchased fabric? The bird quilting looks terrific. What kind of paper are you using and does it tear away easily?
I love feathers and have done one small quilt using them and have always thought I might do another. Maybe yours will spur me on.

Kelly said...

Turned out absolutely gorgeous! The "doodled" birds are a perfect fit for the size and the theme. Great work!

Nina Marie said...

ohhhh this is a great idea - love the stitching and so glad you are sharing the process. I host a link party "Off the Wall Fridays" and would like to invite you to join us anytime you have a project going that you want to share. We find it inspiring, motivational and educational.

Diane said...

Love the screened feathers! Please tell me about this golden paper you are using for the birds. Thanks for sharing your work