Wednesday, February 06, 2013


A couple of days ago Jenny Bowker placed an announcement on one of the list I am a member of. Maybe some of you have already heard about it.  A major project of her is the work of the Tentmakers of Chareh el Khiamiah. Their art is awsome and needs to be preserved.
On this link you can see some of the quilts which were made by the tentmakers and which were shown in Birmingham:
Here is an example of one of those quilts:

To help preserving their knowledge and their quilts Kim Beamish wants to make a movie of their work. But to be able to do this, money is needed. The amount which has to be raised is US$ 20.000 and to help raising this I am posting this message on my blog as well.
Right now you can pledge money and if Kim reaches his target you will be asked to donate. Check out this link on Pozible to see how it works: It would be wonderful if we all could help a bit to make this movie possible.

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Aut0pS33 said...


Thank you for your support and for putting up this post. We have been filming for six months and have at least another six to go. However we need to raise support so as to fund overseas trips with the Tentmakers as well as translation costs and the beginning of the edit.

If people are interested in supporting please go to

Kim Beamish
The Tentmakers of Chareh El Khiamiah