Wednesday, February 13, 2013

quilting continued

After some tlc, or in other words rethreading, cleaning and a bit of oil, my HQ is behaving much better. Here is what I have been able to quilt:
This area is about 15"x20". The whole quilt will have a size of roughly 38"x46", so I still have quite a lot of hours of quilting work ahead of me :-)


The Idaho Beauty said...

You've got my interest piqued for sure. I'm pretty fascinated by "wholecloth" quilts - thread creating the design rather than individual pieces of fabric or paint.

Kelly said...

Oh yes...MUCH better. Whew! glad you could "fix" it yourself! I'm anxious to see the finished piece!

McIrish Annie said...

Is your HQ a sitdown or on a frame? I got one about 6 months ago, Avante 18 and I am in love.