Wednesday, July 04, 2007

challenge quilt

The last couple of days I have been working on the quilting of the challenge quilt. The water was done with a continuous line design. That one did not take much time. But for the islands I have chosen a much more complicated design. As you can see from the detail picture it involves a lot of independently stitched lines with a huge number of thread ends. I know that this can be avoided by stitching in the same spot beginning and ending a line, but I don't like that method.

When I have time I read the mails I get from QuiltArt. Or when I see a mail with an interesting title. Some time ago I read an online test you can do which says what type of flower you are. This test is the starting point for a challenge QuiltArt is doing at the moment. For more information see this link:

According to this test I am a Violet. With this I have been playing around in my mind and I have found a layout I want to do for this challenge. It will not be a traditional violet flower. I am thinking of making a background in a violet color with an outline of a violet flower on top of that. After all there is one more meaning of the word violet :-). It is a good thing that I have a lot of time to be creative at the moment, cause the ideas to create quilts are numerous.

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