Saturday, July 21, 2007

nyb and needle

All the separate nyb blocks are stitched together. This was the last stitching by hand on this quilt. For the blocks I have drawn spiderwebs and grasses on transparant paper and I started free motion quilting them this afternoon. The first 10 blocks went without any problems. Then I stitched through my finger and boy, did that HURT!! I could pull out the needle, but it broke and part of the needle remained in my finger. I could not see where it was so there was no way to pull it out by myself.
I went to the ER of the hospital. They took x-rays of my indexfinger and decided that the part can remain there without any problems. Have to get back in 2 weeks to have them check my finger.
I am typing now with only 9 fingers and that is difficult. There were a lot of typo's to correct :-)
No more stitching today. Instead I will be reading the new Harry Potter which the mail brought me today.

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