Tuesday, July 17, 2007

nyb and other things

Last September I started working on Karen's stone nyb pattern. I prepared all 36 blocks, a couple of thousand snippets of fabric, all in black and white fabrics. This week I finished block 36 and thought that was the last one. When I put them all together on my design block it appeared that one block has disappeared into a black hole. I am now working on block 37 :-). This week I will stitch them all together and than I can start quilting them. This will be done by machine because otherwise it would take me another year to finish.

The flower power challenge quilt is nearing its completion. Half of the border has to be done and than this one is finished as well. The test which was the starting point of this challenge - and all the results which were possible can be seen here: http://www.thisgardenisillegal.com/2007/07/flower-quiz-revisited.html

Further I worked this weekend on one of the complex cloth round robin fabrics which are at my place at the moment. On this fabric I was the 4th to work on. Because I did not want to disturb the lovely pattern in the centre of the fabric I decided to use a flour paste resist on the corners. When it was dried and cracked I applied black textile paint on it which gave a lovely craquelé (sp?) effect on it. There is a picture of it at the beginning of this message.


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katelnorth said...

it's gorgeous, Wil. I wish it were mine. Not that I don't like mine - I do - I just like this one,too. Oh, and all the other ones! When's the next CCRR, :)