Wednesday, August 15, 2007

binder covers

No picture this time :-). The last couple of days I worked on a couple of swap commitments for my dyeing group. For 1 of them I had to make a brown for which I used Dharma's rust orange and forest green. This resulted in a very pleasant deepcolored brown. The other one was just to create a new color. For this I mixed deep purple with stormy grey. They are cut and packed, ready to be swapped.
I like to make my binders more personal than simply use the ready bought type. For this reason I make a fabric cover and glue this to the binder. At the moment I am preparing 3 of these covers so that I can take them with me on my holiday. he technique I will be using on these is reverse applique. I have found some nice patterns on the internet which I enlarged to the size I want. I am now marking these on my fabric so that I only have to handstitch them when I am in the US.

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