Friday, August 10, 2007

fabric postcards

These are 2 of the postcards I made for the summer postcard swap with my dyeing group. For these cards I used handdyed fabric, a shell and some lutrador on which I had used my heatgun. Added some decorative quilting. Normally I send my cards naked but this time they will go into a cellophane cover as the lutrador has holes in it and not all the edged are covered with stitching I am not certain that the cards will survive the mail handling machines.
I also worked on more fabric charms and have discovered a faster way of making them. As first layer for the charms I use a sheet of felt instead of fabric and I work on both sides of the felt. This way I do not have to use interfacing in the middle. Another nice thing is when I make the charms like this I do not have to color the sides of the interfacing before stitching. Making these little inchies is very addictive :-)

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