Saturday, August 25, 2007

Seattle Streets

On one of my dyeing groups we had a swap early this year of blocks based on a pattern created by Laurie Biethan. It took a couple of months before I had time to make a quilt out of these blocks. Than I had to found a suitable way of quilting them. My first attempt was an all over quilting pattern but I was not satisfied with it so I removed it. My second attempt was to quilt in the ditch with on a number of blocks a pattern like a sheep, tree, fish, bird or something else. This time I am satisfied with it.

If you are interested in using Laurie's pattern, let me know and I will pass the message on to Laurie.


Maggie said...

this is gorgeous. I would be interested in getting Laura's pattern. does she have a website?

Laurie said...

Wil, I just googled my name and came up with your site! If anybody wants to contact me, my email address is Great quilt!