Friday, December 28, 2007

Australian show

This quilt I made for an Australian show. The organisers do not only give a theme, you are also to use 80% of the challenge fabric they send you. This year the theme is 'take flight'. The challenge fabric was a yellow flower on a pale green background. I incorporated the fabric along with lots of others in the pieced background. For quilting design I had doves. The appliqued doves are made from my own handdyed fabrics. Size of this quilt is 60cmx65 cm (23,6"x25,6"). I received the fabric some 2 weeks ago and today the quilt will go into the mail. Not bad, don't you think?.


Vicky said...

Great piece as always!! You have had a bird theme going lately and that lovely pieced background. Your productivity is extraordinary!! Vicky

Corinne said...

Hoi Wil.
The doves are fantastic. I like this quilt very much,the theme is good recognizable.

Judi said...

Great quilt. Judi

Margeeth said...

Hoi Will,
You managed to disguise the challenge fabric nicely. I have participated in this challenge also and had to swallow a few times when I saw this years fabric, ugh! It is funny, but I used it in the same way you did, incorporated it in a pieced background and then appliqued a dark flying form in front. It looks very different from your quilt, however. It was finished in november and the first to arrive at Helens (I send it very early because I am always afraid it will arrive to late).
I haven't posted my quilt yet, I will wait till the closing date of the challenge, I always thought that was what one was supposed to do??