Sunday, December 23, 2007

effect of sunlight

The pictures you see here are both from the same quilt. The one at the left was taken when the quilt was only a few months old. The picture at the left I took this morning, two years later. This quilt was hanging at a wall facing south/southwest next to a window and it got a lot of sunlight. One fabric was already beginning to loose color very soon as you can see on the picture at the left. Now more fabrics have begun to change and also some of the thread I used are fading. A lesson to learn. If you cherish a quilt, make certain that it does not hang in a place where it catches the sunlight.


Shirley Goodwin said...

I wonder if you can "touch up" the colour with some fabric paint, Wil?

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Margeeth said...

If you leave it in the sun long enough, actual holes will fall into it.(this happened with one of my quilts)