Tuesday, December 11, 2007

several quilts at the same time

Wright now I am working on 3 quilts at the same time.
For the Challengequiltgroup I did most of the background. Today I am putting the binding around it. After that only beeds have to be added and I cannot do that until they arrive.
For the c&g quilt I have designed the pattern for the quilting. On this quilt I will first do all the quilting and after that I will fuse applique the birds.
Than the 3rd quilt which is the final assessment for the Quilten Special course. I am making an ammonite for that. The sheers have been heated and placed on the background. So has the fabric layer on top of that. Now I am satinstitching all of this. But I am not completely happy with it. It is looking more dull than I had expected. Maybe I can improve on it with the quilting. If it does not, no harm is done because I have another idea in my mind. This quilt I intend to make anyway. Not sure now whether it will be as an assessment piece or not. The background fabric I dyed today and it is at the moment batching. With this quilt I want to use black mottled fabric, black and silver/white lutrador, Lumiere paint and quilting.
Of none of these I have pictures at the moment. They will come later.

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