Monday, January 28, 2008

different styles and shibori

This journal quilt is the third in the row I am making for my c&g course. It is inspired by the work of Saskia Weishut-Snapper. I started working on a handdyed piece of fabric. On that I placed several pieces of painted tyvek - I used LumiƩre paint - and some strips of bubble wrap. Covered this with black gauze. Stitched everything together and than used my heatgun on it.
I probably should not have stitched it together as it ended up very uneven. So I removed the stitching. The next step was to add batting and backing fabric and quilt it.

The 4th journal quilt will not be ready tomorrow. I have not even started working on it. Instead I did some dyeing. For my dyeing group I had to create 8 f8's of shibori. Here are the pictures:

For these two I used wooden blocks with clamps. The one at the left was only dyed once with Rose Red. The one at the right was overdyed with Kiltgreen - after I repositioned the wooden blocks

These two are both stitched. For the one at the left I folded the fabric into a long strip and than stitched three diagonal lines over it. As you can see the two outer parts of the fabric are the darkest. The one at the left I stitched with horizontal lines all over the piece. I like the effect, but it is a lot of work.

Both of these fabrics I wrapped with Dual Duty yarn. The different patterns are caused by the way I wrapped them. The one at the left was folded first in a long strip and than I stitched/wrapped yarn around it. The fabric at the right was twisted and some parts were wrapped with yarn while other parts were left like they were.

For the fabric at the left I gathered tiny bits of fabric and wrapped yarn around it. The one at the right I wrapped like the one which is above it. The only difference between them is with the top one I had left parts of the fabric unwrapped.

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Margeeth said...

Mooi verfwerk die shiboris. Even een vraagje, wanneer haal jij je draden eruit? Ik vind dat nl een onwijs geknoei met het uitspoelen, of ze blijven er inzitten, maar dan spoelt het slecht uit, of je haalt ze er voor het uitspoelen uit, maar dan sta je dus met verf te spetteren.
Ik heb je trouwens ook getagged, kijk maar op mijn blog wat ik bedoel.