Sunday, March 16, 2008

moow and fabric necklaces

This picture shows the lay-out for the quilt I am making for Pamela's 2nd lesson. In this lesson we are working with colors and optional again black and white. I choose to work with different blue/greens and browns. Last year I had bought some fabric with cow spots and it was perfect to use for this quilt.
Once a year there is a textile day (Textielplus) in the Netherlands where you can see all kind of unusual ways of using fabric. Much attention was on felting. The picture on the left shows a necklace made of felt which I bought. Other sellers had lovely necklaces as well. One of them inspired me to make the one you can see on the picture on the right. For this one I used silk cord.

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Anonymous said...

leuk die zijdestreng, heb je allemaal losse stukjes gebruikt of ....?