Friday, March 21, 2008

moow and handdyed fabric

And this is how Moow looks when it is finished. The leaves are attached with only a few stitches while I used raw edged applique for all the other parts. This is not my normal style of working, but I am beginning to like it more and more. Size is 20"x20" and except for the fabric for the cows all the fabrics are my handdyed ones.

Here are some pictures of fabric I dyed yesterday:

The green/yellow on the left is a bit dull, but I love the multi-colored one at the right. If you are interested in these fabrics, let me know they are for sale.


Anonymous said...

Hoi, Will
De geverfde stof is prachtig!
Ik heb wel interesse,om te kopen. Laat je me even weten hoe groot ze zijn,en de prijs?
groeten Hannie

Thelma said...

Your fabrics look great! I love the quilt,,