Tuesday, November 25, 2008


A couple of days ago I wrote about books I was making. Well they are now both finished and here are the pictures:

For both books I used a cast paper shape on the front. The covers of the books have several layers of paint over each other. For the pages I used oil pastels and a wash of ecoline ink.

The blue book is about 8"x10", the green one is 8"x8".


mia de vos said...

hoi ziet er goed uit, zijn de binnenbladen ook van stof?

hannie said...

Hallo, Wil
Wat een mooie boekjes zijn het geworden. Die techniek leent zich er prima voor!

Sherryl said...

These are terrific Wil. I have sort of given up on the class... I have yet to figure out how to use these techniques in my quilting.

You have been nominated as a Kreativ Blogger. Follow this link, http://skb2000.blogspot.com/ for instructions.

hippopip said...

Lovely books Wil,did you get the idea from Lynda & Carols class? it was a fantastic class.

mama said...

Oh very nice!!!

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