Sunday, November 23, 2008

journal quilt

With my surfacing group we celebrate our anniversary with a swap. Two members send some material to a third member who is to use both these things into a journal quilt. This picture shows what I got:
Kate send me some charms - I found out that we have the same mold :-) - and Ellen send me some fibers. The brown fibers are Qiviut (pronounced ki-vee-ute) and is the underfur of the Arctic Muskox. Ellen lives in Alaska which explains how she could find this stuff. The white fibers are hair shed from Dall sheep.
The charms (faces and words) had different colors as you can see. None of them really worked for me, so I painted them with a Lumiere halo gold textile paint. They made me think of old, stylized goddesses. The shapes of the goddesses I cut out of a piece of sunprinted fabric. Stitched them with metallic thread to a background. Background was quilted with spirals. Also the shapes of the goddesses asked for spirals to emphasize her belly, boobies and head. The charms were glued to the journal quilt. The fibers I used for hair. The words on the charms are: Spirit, Imagine, Dreams and 4 little charms which make the word Live. The charms also gave me the idea for the title: Goddess of Life. This is the result:

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