Sunday, August 09, 2009

First samples

For my miniature quilt I have been making the first samples. Samples is not something I love to do, so I decided to make these in the size 4"x6" (10x15 cm). This way the samples double as fiber cards :-). I started out sampling for the background fabric and - as I normally quilt before I add the fusible applique - the quilting design. On the picture at the left you see the fabric which I will be using in the final quil. It started out as a yellow dyed piece of fabric which I tried to overdye with black. The idea was to use only a little bit of black because I was aiming at getting an olive green. Well as you can see I used way too much black :-). On this sample I used triangles as quilting design. The picture next to it, shows how it looks when the applique is added.

The fabric is okay, but the quilting design is probably not the one which I will choose.

Here is the same fabric again - the picture at the right shows the true color - using a different quilting design. I always try to find a matching quilting design for the quilt I make and I think that my Fibonacci design will be best matched with a straightlined design. Leaves or doodles as quilting design are not the most suitable. To make this straightlined design a bit more attractive not all the lines go to the top, some of them turn around at different heights of the quilting lines. At the moment this is my most favorite design for this quilt.

I also made a sample using a different background fabric. This is one from a grey gradation I had in my stash. Not dark enough to make the Fibonacci design stand out well enough. For a moment I thought of adding black paint to the fabric, but this would I think remove the attention from the appliqued design. Again a straight lined quilting design, a different variation. Nice too.
After these samples I think that I have been able to make the decion on the background fabric and on the quilting design. Now it is time to start auditioning the fabric for the Fibonacci design and maybe some other techniques.


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Wil,

Love your new sample pieces. Love the way you quilted the backgrounds too.


hannie said...

Je proefvoorbeelden zien er al erg goed uit. Mooi gequilt en heel bijzonder de fibonacci applicaties!
Als ik het goed begrijp, ben je niet helemaal tevreden over de kleur?

Melvin said...

I was playing games online however for reading this post more interesting thanks for the share please do keep it going great job....Loveing this.


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