Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some more experiments with paint

Mia and I had agreed to have a paintday today. We would do some more experiments with manipulating fabric before using paint on it. Here are the pictures of the fabric I did today:
This red one started out as a sunprint. I sprayed water over this one, crunched it and placed my hot iron on it. This way the folding lines can be made much smaller and nicer than when the fabric is dry. For paints I used a Lumiere gold textile paint, don't remember anymore exactly which one. Let the fabric dry, heatset it and repeated the process with a different pattern of crunches and a different Lumiere paint. When I unfolded it later, I saw that there were a few places who needed a bit more color. I used a bit of Golden acrylic paint and with a sponge I tapped a bit of color on the fabric. Again let it dry and heat set it.
This blue one was a dyed piece of fabric. Roughly the same procedure as I described above was done to create this one. The colors I used for paint were more in the blue/green range.

For this one I had to do some preparing. I sewed a lot of seams in the blue fabric - same one as shown above - on purpose they are irregular. A thin layer of gesso was applied on it before I brushed Golden acrylic paints over it. I used the gesso to make certain that the fabric would not absorb too much paint, the negative of this is that I ended up with tiny white lines/spots on the finished result. I used 2 colors of acrylic paint and added a tiny bit of a 3rd one to lighten up some places and let the paint dry. Next step was to remove all the stitching and iron the piece. It ended up looking like this:
All these pieces are rather small. The size is between a f8 and a fq. As they are experiments I don't mind that they are small. They gave me some ideas for bigger work and actually I am stitching on one already :-). If you want to see what Mia created check out her blog. No doubt she will post pictures later this week.


hannie said...

Geweldig goed ,je experimenten Wil!Ze zien er heel bijzonder uit.

Eugenie said...

Your experiments are wonderful, Wil. I love to do some, but I have only done dyeing once (click here).
Thank you for sharing your experiences!

mia de vos said...

Ze zien er goed uit, ik heb weer een manier gevonden om te kliederen met verf en lapjes.


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Wow Gold said...

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