Thursday, August 06, 2009

miniature quilt

No pictures today. For my c&g course I have to make a miniature quilt (maximum size 12"x12" or 30x30 cm). For this I will be using one of the Fibonacci designs I showed a couple of days ago. And as usual with c&g I have to make samples regarding the techniques/materials I intend to use. One of the samples will be a gell medium transfer which I am preparing at the moment. The preparation means that several days in a row I have to add a layer of (transparant) gell medium to the picture. You can guess that this will still look the same as the original picture :-). Hopefully I will have pictures somewhere during the weekend.


Lizzie said...

I look forward to seeing your pics. I haven't done any gel medium transfers - YET. I did my C&G about 5 years ago just as they changed the syllabus!!!!!! So our class stuck to the old one and we didn't cover gel medium transfers and all the other interesting stuff that you do now. Good ;uck with the rest of the course.

Anonymous said...

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