Saturday, October 30, 2010


Making atc's can become very addictive, especially when you have discovered ATC's For All where there are swaps going on all the time :-). Here are pictures of 2 sets which I finished recently. Shake your Buddha was the theme for the first picture. All 3 atc's are collaged papers.

For the theme Hearts I made these 3 atc's. Materials used were paper, micron pens, metal flakes, hand dyed fabrics and eyelets.

At the moment I am still working on the atc's for the other 10 swaps I committed myself to, so expect more pictures coming days. All swaps are due for December and early January but I prefer to send them in as soon as I can. You never know how long the mail will take.

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Lynn said...

These are all lovely. Did you paint the buddahs or are they cut outs? So nice all.