Wednesday, October 27, 2010

paper piecing

The first of my paper pieced squares is ready to be stitched onto a canvas. I have auditioned two different ways of placing it, but I cannot make up my mind which one I prefer. On the first picture the square is placed in the middle of the canvas:
In the second picture the square is at the bottom left corner. Which one to choose???


geni said...

Nice piece!
I choose -1- if there will be no embellishment on the canvas and choose -2- if there will be some embellishment on the canvas leding to the PP.
I love it when the focus is on the PP.

vilterietje said...

Ha Wil!
Ik vind de 2e heel mooi, maar gelukkig is de keuze aan jou!
Lieve groet en tot....Riet

Sally Westcott said...

Hi Wil,

I like the first placement. It looks great so far - looking forward to the next steps!


Anonymous said...

My eye tend to lead to the first one. But like someone else said depending on what you may be doing around it the left one sure does give more area to embellish. I guess the question to ask is do you want the CQ part to be the focal point if yes then I would do the first one, if you want it to be equal to what is going around it then the second one would be better.

Just my thought:)

Ann Flowers

Thelma said...

Will the canvas and PP blocks all go together in one or will they be seperate? I'm not for sure what canvas is? lol Will it be sewn together with the other blocks? That will make a difference on where to set the blocks if they are all going to be sewn together.

Anonymous said...

Ik vind de tweede manier heel mooi! Maar de keuze is toch aan jou!

Hannie said...

Sorry,is heb iets fout gedaan! Het vorig berichtje was van mij!

Dahn said...

Wil, I must be seeing something different than others. These pieces look exactly the same to me.. But I like the striped piece at the bottom left side (that is the ony one I see..).

ina said...

hi Wil, I prefer the first setting, it seems to be more in balance to me.