Saturday, October 30, 2010

paper piecing and art journal

Thank you all for giving me advice for the paper piecing. Roughly 1/3 was in favor of the centre position , 1/3 in favor of the corner position and the remaining 1/3 said it depended on what I wanted to do with it. This left me with no other choice than taking the scientific process of numbering the positions (centre = 1, corner = 2), writing these numbers on a piece of paper, shuffle the papers and pick one with my eyes closed :-). And the winner is ....... drumroll ......: corner position. Today I intend to stitch the quilt to the canvas. Picture will follow.

Another thing I did this week was working on my art journal. I am not a great painter, but I keep practising. Every month my friend Kelly and I make 2 art journals. This month's choice for me was pomegranates. Here is a painting of 2 fruits:
And here is one of the fruit cut open:
Is it great art? No! Is it fun to do? Yes!


Sally Westcott said...

Hey! Did you really play with a real pomegranate?

I love what you did with it!

Was it eaten after? Looks great to me.

vilterietje said...

At least you van see it's a pommegrate ;O)
Love, Riet

Anonymous said...

I think they are great, the seond one in the first set looks real, I leaned forward to see if it was tge real thing like as showing what your object was. Very nicely done on all of them!!!

Ann Flowers

Lynn said...

Fun is all that counts, and great is in the eye of the beholder. I like your style!