Wednesday, October 20, 2010

new project

It might have looked like I was doing nothing, but I have been working on a new project. For you who watch the videos of Design Matters TV it might look familiair. This collage shows the paper pieced tops I have been working on.

Their design was inspired by pictures of scaffolds. I used fabrics which were dyed with only 2 colors. Don't remember anymore exactly which ones, as I dyed them more than a year ago. Each top is 10"x10" (25x25 cm). I am working on a 4th one as well.
Next step will be to sandwich them and quilt them. Hopefully I will have time for that soon.


vilterietje said...

Beautifull new idea! Hope you will be succesfull! Love, Riet

Sally Westcott said...

Oh Wel - you are hooked too! I'm working on my third one! Photos over the weekend.



prahlad said...
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