Monday, April 20, 2015


The theme for April in EB's masterclass was color. And if you think that this quilt looks familiair, you are correct :-). I used the same design as in January, only not in greyscale, but in vibrant colors this time. The first picture shows the grey scale:

And the next ones show the proces of creating the colored version:

Not really happy with this. It felt too flat and booring. While I was trying this out, I still had the idea of a leaf in my mind. I discovered that it went much better when I started thinking of it as an abstract composition. I added more different colors in it and mixed them. This is what it turned into:

And this is EB's comment:

- Rich, harmonious color, strong diagonal structure holding the arrangement of circles together, good range of values..and beautiful lines!  In fact I think it is those little skinny lines that make this piece so elegant..and the colors make it look like a rich brocade.  I like  the little hints of orange that you introduced, just a tiny bit, but enough to give a little spark.  and the variety of different purples just adds to the richness.  Using all the same purple or all the same yellow would have made it very flat.  Lovely!-


Margaret said...

Well done, Wil! I liked the all-purple option before you introduced the circles/ovals, but you're quite right...once those were added, keeping the background all the same flattened the piece. Mixing it up brought it back to life. :-)

Beth said...

I agree with Elizabeth plus I love purple and yellow