Saturday, April 18, 2015


For Voyage the theme for this year is abstracted nature and with a theme like that it can be difficult to determine how abstract will I make it. Do I still want it to be recognisable or do I go further? For this quilt I took an inspirational photo of a cotton seed pod and played a bit with it in Photoshop to create a starting point.

The fabrics I used are my own hand dyed  and discharged ones with a little bit of raw silk. Funny enough I had to use this silk instead of white cotton as this was too smooth for the effect I wanted to create. Size is 17" x 24" and the - not very original - title is 'Cotton'.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, it's the background fabric that does it for me, allowing the use of those colors in the boll itself and changing everything I think I know about cotton in the field - quite wonderful this.

Wil said...

Thanks Sheila! This quilt proves once more that every fabric has it's purpose. It was a rather failed snow dye, but perfect for this quilt.

Beth said...

What a successful quilt. I just love it!