Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The Taiwan Art Quilt Society organises an international quilt exhibition in April/May 2016. Voyage Art Textiles is one of the special  group exhibits there. The theme for this coming show is protecting the Earth's environment. This is the quilt I made for this show:

And a detail shot:

Title of this quilt is 'Be careful with your trash', size is 15"x23".


Beth said...

Excellent statement of a really big problem. The seaweed looks good enough to eat as well.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Quite different from your usual work, or at least what you've shown here recently, but so effective for the theme. Goodness - such a lovely design, and then we hone in on the plastic can holder (can't think of what the real name is). Benign on the surface, not so much at depth.