Monday, May 24, 2010

background fabric

As background fabric for my C&G quilt I bought 3 yards of 108" muslin from Dharma. I did not want to struggle to get a straight seam in the background fabric :-). At the moment I am staying with my friend Kelly in MN and she has a toploader in her studio. Normally when I am at home I handwash/rinse my fabric, but when this is 3 yards I am happy to use a washer to dye it in. For this piece I used 2 oz. of Burgundy from G&K. Had no idea how dark or how light it would turn out, but I must say I like the result I got:
At JoAnn I bought a bolt of Roclon bamboo/cotton fabric. I had never used Roclon before, but have heard a lot of comment on it. For comparison I put in a piece of this Roclon and a piece of P&B (the fabric I use normally). The difference in intensity is impressive:
The fabric at the left is P&B, the fabric at the right is the Roclon bamboo/cotton. I must say that I like the drape of the bamboo and if you want pastel colors it is suitable, but I won't buy it anymore in the future.


Lynn said...

Okay, lets see what this becomes...drum roll!!!!!!!!!! Very pretty!

hannie said...

Ik weet niet zeker of ik het goed heb vertaald, maar het maakt zeker heel veel verschil. De rechtse, de bamboe katoen is prachtig! De andere stof,is ook mooi van kleur,maar egaler. Het is maar net voor welk doel je het wilt gebruiken?