Tuesday, May 25, 2010

encaustic wax

Encaustic was is a technique I have heard about, but till today had not used. On Ebay I got a collection of different colors wax. Only small blocks but great to start with. As this is something I don't want to risk a regular iron with, a visit to the thrift store was necessary.

Some colors were applied to the iron which was than placed on top of fabric while moving it at the same time:

This piece of fabric is a drop cloth. I used it to find out whether regular cotton would work with this technique. Disperse dyes only work on synthatic fabric and I was not certain about this encaustic wax.

Next attempt was on a piece of watercolor paper. I love this result:

Placing it upside down on some other paper or fabric and iron from the back was not a success. Only very little color transfered.

After using the wax it was time for some more experimenting and several oil pastels/crayons were used. Most of them were bought at the dollar store. We discovered that all of them can be used for this technique. You probably go through them a bit faster, but the price is lower.


Lynn said...

Fun. I am going to an art retreat/Art and Soul in Portland in October and taking Judy Wise's workshop in encaustics! I have my heat gun bought. Need a mask next.
Toxic fumes!!! Be careful.
I am excited about learning this process too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining this. I wasn't sure what it was all about. Although I've seen the technique performed, I didn't know what it was called. I wonder if I'd like it.