Monday, May 24, 2010

journal quilt

For May's journal quilt I used not the ordinary quilting materials :-). On this picture you see felt, burlap and concrete:

I unraveled the burlap and handstitched this to a piece of felt. Without unraveling it, the burlap would not have been 'transparent' enough to my liking.

It is beginning to look more interesting, but it needs a bit more. Using thin foam I cut out irregular oval shapes, placed these on top of the burlap and spread mixed concrete in it. This was put away till the next day. After the foam was removed, the journal quilt looks like this:

At first my idea was to paint the concrete, but I must say that I like it how it looks now. As usual the size is 7"x10". Title is 'Stepping stones'.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Goodness, how innovative! I'd say pretty brave too, working with concrete...

Interesting approach to using the burlap too. I'm put in mind of the way some artists use cheesecloth, but I like the heavier quality of this. Experiment on!

hannie said...

Heel bijzonder Wil. Een leuk idee,om jute te gebruiken,en de bewerking is die met cement gedaan? In je berichtje werd het vertaald als beton,maar dat vond ik niet zo waarschijnlijk? Het is een heel apart werkje geworden!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Love this piece, what a fabulous idea using the burlap. You are so creative Wil.