Monday, January 07, 2013

Another oldie

My stash of hand dyed fabrics is not exactly small , some of them stay there for a short time, but other wait longer. This piece of fabric has been in my stash since 2009. Yes rather a long time. The size is around 40"x40" and I wanted to do something with this fabric without cutting it up.
In July I knew what I wanted to do with it. I had bought some bottles of Decolourant Mist and intended to use these on this fabric. I cut out several shapes of gingko leaves out of freezer paper and played with positioning them on the fabric. While doing that I discovered that the whole would be a bit static. Time for the roller cutter :-). I cut the fabric into 3 strips and repositioned the templates. Still not quite to my liking. So a bit more cutting: 2 thin ones this time. The templates were ironed on the 9"x wide strips, the 2 thin ones remained like they were. I sprayed the templates with the Decolourant, let it dry and ironed them. This is how everything looked after that. On purpose the strips are of different length.


Margaret said...

Oh, yes! Very nice!

The Idaho Beauty said...

A rather long time? Oh, not even close compared to what's hiding out in my hand-dye stash. Try pre-2000. I got one of them out when I was continuing the unpacking and organization of my new studio, one I too don't intend to cut up and have an idea for. I hope I can pull it off (thinking I will work on it soon) but it's encouraging to see what you have done when your original idea didn't turn out as planned. Even though the original piece was interesting, this cut-up version may be more interesting still.