Wednesday, January 30, 2013

some more lines

If you read my blog on a regular base, you know that one of my themes this year is lines. Here are pictures of my most recent finished quilt. Years ago when I was in Uganda I bought a couple of yards of bark cloth (Check out this link to find out more about bark cloth.) and I have to admit that I had hardly used it. Time to change this. I picked a piece of bleached Kona cotton and placed a piece of bark cloth on it:
As I am working with the theme lines, the quilting was done is simply lines :-). Here is a close up of it:
And this is how it looked when it was done:

As a background it is oké, but it needed something to catch the attention. For a couple of years I participated on a regular base in swapping dye samples. Each sample was 2,5"x2,5" and I think I have a couple of thousands of them. I don't need the samples anymore because since I took several dyeing classes with Carol Soderlund I know how to dye every color I want. I picked out a number of squares, fused them to Bondaweb and cut squarish circles out of them. Arranged them on the quilt and stitched them. And this is how it turned out:
Size of this quilt is 22"x12". Maybe not the first idea when you think of lines but who said that lines have to be straight?

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