Sunday, January 20, 2013

Favorite movie

For Sky-is-the-Limit this month's theme is favorite movie. My first idea was to use The Color Purple as inspiration source, but when I was working on it I changed my mind :-). I have been making rather a lot of tree quilts the last couple of months, so wouldn't the Tree of Souls be a much better idea. For you who are not familiair with this tree, it is from the movie Avatar. This tree is of extreme spiritual importance for the Na'vi (the people who live on the planet Pandora.
I forgot to take a picture of the background before I applied the tree, but here it is after the quilting and the applique:
The next step was to attach the white 'branches' to the tree. For my first attempt I used plain white cotton thread for it as you can see in this picture:
but I was not really very happy with it. My second attempt was using metallic Madeira embroidery thread and this is a better solution. It is difficult to capture the sparkling effect with a picture, so you have to believe me :-).
I pull the embroidery thread through every stitch on the green branches. It gives a very nice effect, but is time consuming.

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