Saturday, January 05, 2013


Blogger is having issues at the moment. Every time I tried to upload pictures to the blog, the program got stuck and nothing happened. When I tried a detour by uploading directly from Picasa I got an error claiming that the upload did not work, but strangely enough the picture showed up as a draft in my list. By copying/pasting I was able to put the pictures into this blogpost. When I googled the error, I found that they had this problem before. Hopefully Blogger solved this problem soon, because this is not a fun way to do it. So with some delay, I was able to create this blogpost :-).

The project I was working on is finished, but you have to wait till I find a proper place to hang the quilt, before I can take a picture of it.

In the mean time I worked on another one. I am a member of  Voyage and for this year we are working with a different size: A3 or 12"x17". The theme I will work on this year is trees. And my first quilt for this challenge is completed. For background I used a piece of snow dyed fabric, not in one piece, but in strips. Here is a picture of the background fabric:

I prefer to do my quilting before I do the applique. Maybe a bit unusual, but much easier with the quilting :-). Sorry but I forgot to take a picture at this stage.
The final stage was adding the tree. For this I used a commercial black fabric, fused it, cut out the shape of the tree and  ironed it onto the top. Additional quilting was added. Just like my previous quilt I did a facing to avoid a very visible binding and this is how the final results looks like:

Title of this quilt is Winter Sunrise.

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Misha said...

I've been having a TERRIBLE time with Blogger for months now. The only way I can post pictures is via HTML by copying the code from my Flickr page.

Then I have to try again and again to actually post the post itself. I get error after error, and it often will delete the last 1/3 or so of the post. Sometimes it even un-posts the item, and it shows up half an hour later as a draft. I'm so disgusted with it I could cry!