Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Winter is for people who live on the frozen tundra synonym for snow, but here in the Netherlands yesterday was the second day this winter that we had snow. And if you happen to be a dyer like I am, you have to take advantage of this snow :-). Here are two pictures of fabric I dyed:

There are different ways of using snow as a resist, but in this case I packed presoaked fabric into a colander, put snow on top of it and poured dye concentrate over it, added a bit more snow and some more concentrate. This I left till all the snow had melted. After this I put the fabric into a closed container in the microwave for twice 2 minutes. Took it out, opened the container - the steam is very hot!! - washed it with cold water, followed with hot and some syntrapol.


Margaret said...

Great snow-dyeing, Wil! However, over here, after the first couple of opportunities, the novelty wears off...!

McIrish Annie said...

thanks for sharing your process! It seems pretty easy so I may try it. We had snow yesterday too. Maybe next time I will give snow dyeing a try, cause I KNOW there will be a next time!

Kelly said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!