Sunday, March 24, 2013

At the pond

And here is the finished result. On Friday I showed you how I made the background of this quilt. The next step was to add all kind of applique to it. I made this quilt for an online class with Katie PM and as I am using trees as my theme for the Voyage quilts, I decided to use trees for this one as well. Because this was a class piece as well, I had to follow certain rules, for instance all colors of the 3 (12 steps) colorwheels had to be used on top of the background. That are a lot of colors! I like the idea of combining colors in a tree, but in this case the pine trees in the back don't show up that well because of all those colors. They would have been stronger if less colors were used. Another thing I see now the quilt is finished is that the pond could have been smaller. For the blossoms I used small snippets of fabric. One way of attaching this to the background is by covering it with tulle and stitch this. The disadvantage of tulle is that it - slightly - changes the color. Instead of that I decided to add a seed bead to every snippet. In general I am happy with the result. And as it is for Voyage, size of this quilt is 12"x17" and the title is 'At the pond'.


Margaret said...

Wil, I agree with you about the pond, but I really like the use of beads to attach the wee blossoms. Whimsy and colourful without being distracting. Great fun!

Diane said...

Hi Wil, I'm in the same class you are, and you can see what I designed on my blog I can't wait till we get our critiques from Katie tomorrow. Diane