Monday, March 04, 2013

testing with squares

To find out why the qr code did not read I did some testing to eliminate possible courses. Are the pins the reason?
 Or is there not enough color difference?
No to both of them. In both cases my phone can read the qr code. That leaves me only one conclusion and that is that the squares really have to connect. My fuzzy cutting has to be the problem. Technically speaking I could piece the whole top, but this is not really something I like to do. All those points which have to match :-(. So I am going to use a different technique which I call raw edge mola. Don't know whether this is an existing name, but I like it. I have enlarged the qr code to the size I want - 33"x33" - and will pin this on top of my batik. The next step will be to cut out all the black squares. Afterwards the batik will be placed on top of a black fabric. This should work, I hope. Any one interested in approximately 550 black squares??

1 comment:

Margaret said...

You could use those left-over black squares as centres for a Courthouse Steps traditional piece...Or as windows in high-rises in a contemporary piece...

Glad to know it's not the pins!