Sunday, March 03, 2013

squares continued

I cut the remaining squares and was able to complete the whole design. This is what it turned out into:

There is only one major problem, the qr code cannot be read. And at the moment I do not know why this is. My first pinning showed some gaps in between the squares, so I repinned it. The picture is taken after the second pinning. Are the pins the problem? Are there still to many gaps? Not enough contrast between the background and the squares? Not square enough? Right now, I have no clue what the reason is. If you have any idea why this is, I would love to hear it.
This is the qr code I made using this site: I wanted to know whether I could add color to it, that is the reason that the red lines are drawn over it.
And something else. I am participating in Beat the Winter Blues blog-hop party - see this link: Coming Friday I will post what my give away will be.
Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

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Margaret said...

Aha! At last I can see what you've been working so hard on. I wouldn't be surprised if it's any or all of those things that's keeping the code from being read. While our human eye will fill in gaps and adjust what we see to fit what we're supposed to see, computers aren't that bright. You might try making a small sample in black and white; use a grid under the white fabric to ensure accurage placement of the squares....see if it works. Good luck!